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Terms of service


UMISORA (hereinafter referred to as this site) is operated by UMISORA ManagementOffice (hereinafter referred to as the operator) to transmit access information to the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. The services provided on this site (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) shall be performed in accordance with the Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”). Anyone who uses this service (hereinafter referred to as “user”) is deemed to have agreed to all the terms and conditions at the time of using this service.

If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, please do not use it. The contents of these Terms are subject to change without notice, so please refer to the latest Terms and Conditions posted on this site before using.

These terms apply only to this site and do not apply to other sites linked to this site. The services provided at the linked sites are the responsibility of each organization.

In using this service

(A) Restrictions on use

The operator has the right to create rules and restrictions on the use of this service. In addition, if the operator determines that it is necessary, the rules regarding the use of this service can be revised at any time without notice to the user. In addition, if damages are caused to the operator due to the user’s actions, the operator can claim compensation for the damage to the user.

(B) Prohibited matters

The following acts are prohibited when using this service.

  • Act that hinders the operation of this site
  • Acts that infringe on the rights of other users, third parties, or operators, and that cause or may cause damage such as inconvenience, disadvantage, invasion of privacy, etc.
  • Acts that are or may be against public order and morals
  • Act that violates laws or laws including ordinances and rules
  • Acts that lead to or promote crime
  • Act to use fictitious or third-party email addresses
  • An attempt to destroy the Service or the security or system of the Service
  • Other acts deemed inappropriate by the operator


(C) Preparation of necessary equipment and cost burden

To use this service, you need to access this site. Users must prepare the necessary equipment, software, communication tools, etc. at their own responsibility and expense, and install and operate them appropriately. The operator is not involved in any preparations or methods for the user to access this site.

(D) Notification and communication

If the operator determines that it is necessary to notify or contact the user, we will send it by e-mail based on the information entered by the user themselves. If the user determines that it is necessary to contact the operator, it shall be addressed to the designated contact below. The operator cannot receive notification or communication by any other means.

Opinions and inquiries about this service:S0000527@section.metro.tokyo.jp


About multilingual support

This site provides English / Chinese (Traditional) / Chinese (Simplified) / Korean pages so that foreigners can access and use the Izu Islands / Ogasawara Islands information. Clicking on “English”, for example, at the top of the page and it will display the site in each language.

Link to this site

Links to this site are free in principle. Please specify that it is a link to this site and set up.

However, please refrain from setting links that fall under or may fall under any of the following.

  • When the content includes intention to slander other users, third parties, or operators, or to lose credit.
  • Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights, property, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of copyrights, trademark rights, etc. of other users, third parties, or operators, or when there is a possibility of infringement.
  • When the homepage is developed within the frame, it is not clear that the content is from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Port Authority, and there is a possibility of misleading third parties. When violating laws or laws including ordinances and rules
  • When it is against public order and morals
  • When there is a possibility that the operation of this site may be hindered.
  • When linking using the logos and marks owned by Tokyo without permission.
  • When linking in a form that misleads the information source.


Please note that the URL of this site is subject to change without notice. Please note that the operator is not liable for any compensation, complaints, etc. related to other links.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, and design rights, relating to the content of photos, logos, images, videos, texts, music, etc. posted on this site belong to the operator. However, if there is any intellectual property owner other than the operator in the posted information, intellectual property rights belong to each owner.

The use of the contents on this site is not duplicated, diverted or reprinted, except when permitted by the copyright law such as “duplication for private use” or “quotation” and when permitted by the operator. -Electromagnetic processing, transmission, distribution, transfer, lending, secondary use, and all other similar activities are prohibited.


The operator is committed to the accuracy of the service, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the service. The operator shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any damage caused by the use of this service or this site. If the operator determines that a user has committed an act that violates these Terms of Use, the operator may prohibit the use by the user without notice and shall not be liable for this. The operator shall be able to suspend, change or terminate this service without prior notice or consent to the user if the service cannot be provided. In addition, even if the operator determines that temporary suspension of this service is necessary from an operational or technical point of view, the operator shall similarly suspend, change or terminate this service without prior notice or consent to the user.

Governing law and jurisdiction

All matters including disputes regarding this site shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Tokyo District Court of Japan.

Date of enactment: 2021 7 month 9 day

UMISORA ManagementOffice(Tokyo Treasure Island Traffic Information)


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